Board of Directors

Jewish Federation of the Bluegrass' Board members are volunteers who commit to 3-year terms, regular monthly meetings, and many special projects. They assist with maintaining our budgets, setting goals for the organization, and serving as representatives of Jewish organizations throughout our community. Our Board members also serve on Federation committees, assist at events, and volunteer in many capacities throughout our local Jewish community.

Jewish Federation of the Bluegrass proudly acknowledges our 2018-2019 Board of Directors for its services to Federation and our wider community.

Executive Committee

Evalyn Block  -  President  -  (TAI)

Joseph "Mickey" Hernandez  -  Vice President

Dianne Bazell  -  Treasurer

Gayle Bourne  -  Secretary

Ken Slepyan  -  (At-Large)

Board Members

Bruce Broudy  -  (B'nai B'rith)

Gail Cohen  -  (The Lexington Havurah)

Alison Courant  -  (Ohavay Zion Synagogue)

Lorne Dechtenberg  -  (At-Large)

Erin Gold  -  (Lexington Chapter of Hadassah)

Dawn Paluch  -  (At-Large)

Linda Ravvin  -  (At-Large)

Aaron Rothke  -  (At-Large)

Judy Worell  -  (At-Large)

Past Presidents

We thank the following Past Presidents of the Board for their support of Jewish Lexington through dedicated service to Jewish Federation of the Bluegrass.

Charles Gorodetzky, 1977-1979

*David Wekstein, 1979-1981

*Judy Levine, 1981-1983

Jack Miller, 1983-1985

*Gloria Katz, 1985-1987

Gail Cohen, 1987-1989

Michael Ades, 1989-1991

Judy Saxe, 1991-1993

Elisabeth Goldman, 1993-1995

*Tomas Milch, 1995-1997

*Evelyn Dantzic Geller, 1997-1999

*Marty Barr, 1999-2001

Stanley Saxe, 2001-2003

David Feinberg, 2003-2005

*Marty Barr, 2005-2007

Linda Ravvin, 2007-2011

Robert Grossman, 2011-2013

Mike Grossman, 2013-2016

* Of Blessed Memory

  • Annual Meeting

    Each year, we hold our Annual Meeting as an opportunity to inform the community about JFB's accomplishments and challenges, elect new members of the Board, and acknowledge outstanding community members for their service to Jewish Lexington.