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Donating your car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle is easy!
By donating your vehicle to JFB, you avoid all the hassles of selling your vehicle yourself. All you need is a clear title and we'll do the rest, including free pick-up. Once it has been sold, we'll send you a tax receipt and the sale proceeds will go directly to helping those most in need in our community. 


Here's how it works


• Just call 866-985-GIVE (866-985-4483) to speak to a Jewish Federations vehicle donation representative who will schedule a pick-up that's convenient for you, and provide you with confirmation of your donation.


• If the gross proceeds from the sale of your donated vehicle are $500 or more and if you provide your social security number to our Representative at the time of your donation, you will also receive an IRS tax form 1098C stating the sale price of the vehicle. This amount is what you actually claim on the itemized tax return.


• Be aware that, according to a tax law that went into effect on Jan. 1, 2005, if the claimed value of a donated vehicle exceeds $500, the taxpayer is limited to the gross proceeds of the sale.


Frequently asked questions

Call our toll free number 866-985-GIVE (866-985-4483) 7 days a week for more information or to make a donation.


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