OZS Celebrates 30th Anniversary of "Walking The Torahs"

OZS celebrates the 30th anniversary of “Walking the Torahs”
By Hanna B. Smith


On June 25, 2017, Ohavay Zion Synagogue celebrated the 30th anniversary of the congregation’s move from their former synagogue building on Maxwell Street to their current location. In 1987, on moving day, members of OZS carried the congregation’s Torah scrolls on foot, in a joyful procession along Maxwell Street, through Chevy Chase, along Alumni Drive, and into the new building on Edgewater Court.

Past President Beth Goldstein commemorated the event in her speech on June 25, remarking how blessed we are as Jews to live in a country where we can enjoy such a procession unmolested, and where members of various religious groups and city representatives attended the festivities and expressed their good wishes. Ms. Goldstein outlined future plans for OZS as based upon its past and current experiences and needs. She also mentioned the rabbis who have served the congregation during the past 30 years and thanked them for their leadership. Thank-yous were also expressed to the various committees and individuals who made the event a success.

The evening started with dinner for participating members and guests at various host homes and concluded with dessert for everyone together on the patio at Portofino’s. Center piece of the event was a cake shaped and decorated to look like an opened Torah scroll which elicited much admiration.

The Jewish community extends its best wishes to Ohavay Zion Synagogue.