2017 One World Films Festival

CONCUSSION - Sunday, February 5, 2:00 p.m. - UK Chandler Medical Center Pavilion A Auditorium 

One World Films opens its 2017 film festival series with the showing of CONCUSSION. Brilliant forensic neuropathologist, Dr. Bennet Omalu (Will Smith) made the first discovery of CTE, a football related brain trauma in a pro-player, and fought for the truth to be known. Omalu’s quest put him at dangerous odds with one of the most powerful and beloved institutions in the world - the NFL. In the film, Omalu consults a noted neurologist with his research. That neurologist is Dr. Steven DeKosky (Eddie Marsan). Dr. DeKosky and his family lived in Lexington in the 1980’s (he was a member of U.K. Medical Faculty), and they were members of Ohavay Zion Synagogue.. Steve was president of the OZS Board 1985-1987. He is now professor of Alzheimer’s Research at the University of Florida College of Medicine and Deputy Director of the McKnight Brain Institute. 


ROSENWALD - Thursday, February 23, 7:00 p.m. - Kentucky Theatre 

This film is the story of Julius Rosenwald, son of a Jewish immigrant peddler who grew up in the “segregated South” and never finished high school, yet rose to become head of Sears and Roebuck. He was deeply affected by the plight of African-Americans in the South (especially the poor quality of education for the children). He donated his vast fortune to the establishment of schools for African-American children. Together with the help of Booker T. Washington, they built over 5,000 Rosenwald Schools. (Congressman John Lewis, and the poet and writer, Maya Angelo attended a Rosenwald School). The New York Times once wrote, “At one point in the pre-civil rights era, it was estimated that one in three black youths in the South attended a Rosenwald School.” The Lexington Chapter of Hadassah will host a reception in the theater following the film showing. 


JOURNEY INTO EUROPE - Thursday, March 2, 7:00 p.m. - Kentucky Theatre 

This document was written, directed and filmed by Ambassador Akbar Ahmed, a world-renowned anthropologist, Islamic scholar, and filmmaker. In the film, viewers will hear from some of Europe’s most prominent figures, including prime ministers, archbishops, chief rabbis, grand muftis, and everyday Europeans from all walks of life. In Rabbi Reuven Firestone’s book, Who Are the Real Chosen People?, (Rabbi Firestone was in Lexington in the Fall to deliver the Moosnick Lectures), there is an introductory blurb by Dr. Ahmed. A Muslim-American patron of One World Films will host a reception in the theater following the film showing. Dr. Ahmed is now Chair of the Islamic Studies Program at American University. 


DOUGH - Thursday, March 9, 7:00 p.m. - Kentucky Theatre 

DOUGH is a comedy/drama about an unlikely friendship of an elderly Jewish baker and a young Muslim boy. It is story about overcoming prejudice and finding redemption in unexpected places.