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Camp Shalom FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Camp Shalom

Q: Does Camp Shalom provide snacks?

A: Yes. Camp will provide one snack mid-morning and one afternoon snack. If your child has a food allergy, please be sure to list this in our medical forms. In the case of severe food allergies, please send your child with a snack that he/she can eat safely.

Q: Does Camp Shalom provide campers with lunch?

A: No. All campers must bring their own lunch to camp each day. We ask that you pack foods which do not need refrigeration, or provide an insulated lunch bag/box. Please label your child’s lunch with their first and last name or initial.

Q: Does Camp Shalom have a pool?

A: Sadly, no, but we will be using the community pool.

Q: Do I have to pay for my child to be in the LIT program

A: Yes, your teen will be considered a camper with lots of special activities just for them along with learning how to be a counselor and/or babysitter

Q: Does Camp Shalom offer any discounts?

A: Yes, we offer a Sibling, UK Employee, Federation discount

* A 5% adjustment will be added after registration for those that participated in the 2021 Winter Camp.