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Community Relations Committee

Community Relations Committee

The CRC works to provide a forum for discussion and coordinated action on public policies that are a concern to the Central KY Jewish community. The CRC focuses on educational, legislative, and media efforts on issues including, religious freedom, antisemitism, Israel, pluralism, separation of religion and state, and equality of opportunity for all.

The purpose of the CRC is to help maintain and strengthen the dignity, security, and integrity of Jewish Life. It is the vehicle through which the Jewish Community is represented in Central KY through discussions, activities, programs, and advocacy. The CRC builds coalitions that help improve inter-group relations and protect human rights.

For more information contact the chair on how you can engage contact Justin Sadle.

2023 Committee

Chair: Justin Sadle
Members: Ken Slepyan, Alice Goldstein, Leon Ravvin, Linda Ravvin, Rabbi David Wirtschafter, Rabbi Shani Abramowitz

CRC Priority Areas


We work with the legislature at local, and state levels


Creating programs and/or working with other Jewish and non-Jewish community organizations, local schools and universities, and other agencies to ensure Jewish representation and understanding of Jewish values.


Addressing Antisemitism and Hate in all its forms

Public relations

  • Supporting Holocaust Education in Public schools
  • Overturn of Roe V Wade
  • Voting rights
  • Creating media advisories